Let’s Reduce Attacks On Women with the Right Self-defence

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International Women’s Day | Women Can Become a Russian Roulette for Attackers

This International Women’s Day, let’s stop labelling women as weak. Female Vikings fought on the battlefield alongside men and were trained to use their strength and skills to overcome female and male opponents.

woman warrior
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Celebrate International Women’s Day and Learn New Self-defence Skills with Mu-shin (no-mind)

If taught to maximise the #strength of body and brain, imagine how much more effective man and woman can be. This article references the differences between male and female #musclepower. The difference is not as much as you’d think. So, let’s use the physical and mental attributes we were given and #powerup, so we can lose the weak and vulnerable label.

Mu-shin Self-Defence presents an opportunity where 1 in 6 women (to begin with) can be a loaded gun. This Russian Roulette situation will challenge attacker psyche. Women can become independent with the strength of body and mind.

The leading Mu-shin Self-defence course, Bushido Bitesize Threat Resolution is a 30-day challenge to complete a lesson under 15 minutes per day, every day for 30 days. The result? Instinctively prepared for all kinds of threats — for life.

Mu-shin Self-Defence is the only training system that makes self-defence instinctive for life. Meaning ‘no mind’, Mu-shin teaches using the latest micro mastery processes. Short and simplified lessons with repetitive drills make the techniques as automatic as catching a ball.

  • The truth about women’s power (The Royal Marines Know it)
  • Step into the mind of a sexual predator
  • How Russian roulette could be the fate of violent attackers
  • Challenging the attacker mindset
  • Why Martial Arts cannot always be relied on in an attack
  • Most self-defence courses are not only ineffective but dangerous
  • 15 minutes of these life-saving techniques each day saves lives
  • Aim for unconscious — we are at war with violence

The truth about women (The Royal Marines Know it)

Despite efforts to combat a growing trend of sexual and physical violence toward women, like enhanced policing, new laws and the attempt to educate men, there has been little improvement. The problem started way back when women were labelled as weak and vulnerable homemakers at the mercy or protection of man.

Viking history portrays a different story. DNA taken from warrior burial grounds is proven to be female, this shows that women can be powerful in battle. Art and folk history further support evidence that when trained alongside men, women held their own on the battlefield.

The Royal Marines (one of the largest regiments) began accepting female applicants in the UK in 2018, further signalling that trained women are as effective as trained men. But we are a long way from developing this mindset in civilian life.

The tendency for women to be more emotional could be deemed a benefit to fuel fight or flight instincts (the hysterical strength that arises through high-pressure situations). With the right techniques taught over and over in preparation for attack, female strength and confidence can prevail.

Repeatedly drilling the SIRS (Simplified Instinctive Response System) is why Mu-shin Self-Defence works. Women everywhere can overcome violent and larger attackers.

woman in flight mode
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Thankfully, the majority will never need to but imagine the feeling of knowing that skill and capacity are there. Owning a body and mind as trusty weapons for life is #liberating. What will that mean for female self-esteem? — An upgrade to a better quality of life, that’s what.

Step into the mind of a sexual predator

“I am always looking for a distracted target or the kind of easy-access clothing to make my move. You are never prepared, so I rarely face resistance when I raise my fist. If I’m caught, it’s unlikely I’ll be convicted. I just need to keep my DNA to myself.”

sexual predator
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The new narrative

Where am I? WTF! How did I end up on the pavement? Sh#t, my neck is killing me. I must have passed out. Is that the police — no way I’m being cuffed? I recognise that woman. I remember now, I tried to grab her.


The charity MIND reveals the sexual predator’s selection process and this is one of the many valuable assets that Mu-shin SD shares, turning this much-needed knowledge into the power to protect.

Russian Roulette Could Be the Fate of Violent Attackers

With the initial goal of 1 in 6 to be a Mu-shin-trained woman (meaning she can instinctively block and strike during a surprise attack), then attacking women would become like a game of Russian Roulette for violent, sexual predators.

Like a single bullet in a revolver, making this training so easily accessible would create a risky environment for a predator to operate in. Mu-shin self-defence courses have the potential to change the dynamics of abuse, attacks and the overall attitude towards women.

Challenging the Attacker Mindset

Currently, we live in a world where a woman is raped every 1–2 minutes in the US — a world where 1 in 4 men admit to raping in South Africa, and an average of 64 rapes per 100,000 registered in parts of Europe. These are just a few examples representing the tip of a very large iceberg of sexual assault, rape, physical and mental abuse of the very people that birth us into this world.

If a steady stream of global experiences were reported, where women put their violent attackers down, how would that affect the attacker’s psyche? What impact would that have on the 1.1 million sexual assaults reported yearly in the UK? (March 2022)

This is why Mu-shin Self-defence has developed an app and web-based course, Bushido Bitesize — Threat Resolution — 30-day Mission to help achieve this.

Why Martial Arts cannot always be relied on in an attack

Founder, Stuart Kirby, understands that the majority of women have neither the time nor desire to spend years training in martial arts, something he has done for forty years. He points out a major drawback of following this path — martial art syllabuses are designed to teach huge quantities of traditional techniques to ‘earn’ the coveted black belt. But, this overloads the cerebellum (the part of the brain that manages instinctive motor skills) this ‘overload’ potentially limits our ability to react effectively, without hesitation.

Most self-defence courses are ineffective and dangerous

Stuart identifies a major flaw in short self-defence courses, likening the experience to having a few piano lessons to learn the iconic tune ‘chopsticks’.

Imagine not practising this tune for six, even twelve months, then being forced to sit down at a grand piano in front of a large audience. How well would this be executed under such pressure?

Similarly, the pressure of a surprise attack in the dark of the night by a drunk or drug-fuelled sexual predator is why so many women, trained and untrained, experience tonic immobilisation (freezing in the moment). They are not being taught to regularly drill techniques, nor are they given mindset training to overcome this acute stress.

Unscrupulous defence lawyers have used tonic immobilisation to accuse rape victims of lying, since ‘they made no attempt to fight back’- a contributing factor to why only 0.7 per cent of rapes and attempted rapes in the US end with a felony conviction.

Often, these self-defence courses unwittingly teach techniques that put women at greater risk by leading them into a false sense of security. The typical ‘palm strikes’ to the face are often so weak in execution that they serve only to make the attacker angry, raising his emotions to hysterical strength level (part of the flight or fight defence mechanism we all have). Why hand that advantage to him by bloodying his lip with a palm strike?

unrealistic defence
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Teaching women to attack the face with strikes that don’t leverage enough body weight is not only a missed opportunity but it is dangerous.

15 minutes of practice of real life-saving techniques each day can save lives

Mu-shin teaches the three principles of power and how to repeatedly drill them across the most effective techniques, directing strikes to the side of the neck where the carotid sinus will cause instant unconsciousness. This allows them to escape.

Stuart (Founder) says,

“We never drill them to strike once, hesitation is the enemy. We teach rapid multiple strikes and a mindset to not stop until it’s safe to run. Only then do you have a woman that is her own personal loaded gun!”

Aim for unconscious — we are at war with violence

Striking the carotid artery doesn’t kill, but like all successful strikes, when combined with the law of gravity, hitting your head on the way down can present that risk. Although there is a small percentage risk of stroke, let’s put things into perspective — that’s a casualty of war. And those responsible for starting a war by attacking a woman should accept that risk.

Are we not at war against violent, sexually motivated people that attack women? Maybe if we were, 442,754 women wouldn’t have been raped or sexually assaulted in the US in 2022, with 30% of those victims contemplating suicide, and 94% struggling with PTSD.

The stakes have always been high, and unfortunately, most people live in a comfort bubble of, “that will never happen to me.”

It’s like saying, “I don’t need home insurance as I’ve never been burgled”. Most would agree that it’s not sensible to put your financial and personal assets under such risk. So, where is the policy that protects you?

Make a lifestyle choice. Choose www.mu-shin.com


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