A self-defence skill in 3-minutes

Experience the power of micro learning

What could you achieve whilst the kettle boils?


Many are not interested in learning martial arts, have the time, or think it necessary to learn self-defence, ‘because nothing has ever happened to me before’!

This means you are without instinctive defence against the worst happening, such as a violent person, sexual predator, or someone with mental health conditions attacking you.

What if you could learn a defence sequence in 3 minutes whilst the kettle is boiling?

For this FREE course, you will receive an email each day for three days. Each email will contain a 3-minute video to build a powerful and instinctive skill to defend against the most common attacks.

self defence in 3 minutes

The key to self-defence mastery is micro segment review

The Unspoken Truth About Learning Self-defence

Most self-defence courses don’t tell you about the critical role of the cerebellum and the motor cortex in your brain. These areas are vital to learning new motor skills, like self-defence techniques. For these skills to become automatic or instinctive, repetition is essential. Simply attending a short course and expecting to recall these techniques months or years later, particularly under the stress of fear, is unrealistic. The brain needs consistent practice.

So, How Much Repetition Is Needed?

The answer varies, largely depending on the complexity of the skill. That’s precisely why we developed the Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS). Our App-based resources are designed to reinforce the skills learned in our masterclass easily. With our 4-minute blaster videos, you can seamlessly integrate physical skill enhancement into your weekly routine. Meanwhile, the 3-minute micro-reads reinforce your acquired tactical and psychological skills.

This approach ensures that your self-defence skills are not just learned but ingrained and ready when you need them most.

Fortress masterclass resources


Priya (Ilford, London)

“I’ve done self-defence before but this was so much more realistic. The instructor really made sure I could find my power with a few simple adjustments. The app video is really good at making me practice these skills and I feel ready now”


Jake (Wood Green, London)

“90-minutes well spent. The skills we learnt were just simple and very effective. I went home and taught my wife about all the tactical stuff and what to say if someone dodgy approaches her. Very impressed and couldn’t recommend the class enough”


Neive (Wanstead, London)

“So glad my Dad made me do this, feel so much more confident for my trip abroad and the App is really useful in case I forget.”


Swapna (Ilford, Essex)

“Brilliant, I’ve got skills! “

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