Micro Mastery Series

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Tips and tricks to get you out of trouble in under 3 minutes with an extensive library of training video series.

Bushido Bitesize

App based micro training

Develop physical and tactical skills to defend yourself and your family in under 12 minutes of training commitment each day for 30 days.

Fortress Masterclass

Blended training: Workshop + App 

In 90 minutes, learn to protect your fortress (YOU), through a Simplified and Instinctive Response System, designed to embed skills to muscle memory. An app with resources for lifetime access to skills to keep them primed for life.

Women’s Self-defence Workshop

Blended training: Workshop + App 

Unleash your inner warrior and build a new self-belief system with instinctive self-defence skills to help you overcome the challenges of modern-day threats.

Mu-shin Fitness

Blended training: Face-to-face session + App

Weekly classes to develop a range of self-defence skills whilst getting super-fit. Accelerate your progress with online cardio and HIIT videos.

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