Develop mindset, tactics and physical skills to overcome threats and violence


“The art of savvy know-how and kick-ass skills”

Courses Available

(Course one) Bushido Bitesize – WarriorUP

WarriorUp is an innovative self-defence training program designed specifically for women. This online course empowers you with essential skills in physical defence, tactical awareness, and mental resilience through concise, microlearning sessions.

Each lesson is designed to fit into busy schedules, requiring less than 15 minutes per day, making it accessible and manageable for everyone.

WarriorUp aims to instill confidence and equip you with the tools necessary to protect yourself in potentially dangerous situations.

(Course two) Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution

Have you ever experienced bullying, threats, scams, road rage, physical or sexual assault, mugging, stalking, intimidation, drink spiking, or harassment? Perhaps these threats are a worry in your life.

We invite you to watch our video and start developing instinctive skills today. Our goal is to empower you to live life confidently, liberated from fear.

(Course three) Fortress Masterclass Workshop

Self-limiting beliefs shape our reality more than we realise. They can affect everything from our mental health and self-esteem to our relationships and overall well-being. The belief that you’re powerless against a violent attacker is one such debilitating mindset.

Enter the Fortress Masterclass: A game-changer in threat-defence training. This intensive 2-hour session is designed to revolutionise your perspective on danger, violence and the most common threats. You’ll learn to shatter limiting beliefs and embrace a powerful new narrative of personal strength and capability.

(Course four) Women’s Self-defence workshops

During a two-hour workshop, we begin to unlock the warrior within by crafting a narrative of self-empowerment to breathe life into the belief that you can rise above any challenge.

This program provides physical prowess, strategic insight, and the psychological strength to triumph.

We give you comprehensive tools to ingrain these skills into your reflexes, ensuring that your response is immediate and overwhelmingly effective when faced with danger.

(Course five) Mu-shin Fitness

The most innovative fitness self-defence programme available today

4 Levels (4 sessions per level)

60-minutes face-to-face session

Each session is carefully designed to train your body to move more efficiently, allowing you to generate more power and direct strikes to vulnerable areas for a faster resolution.

What makes Mu-shin the best threat defence system?

Threats aren’t just physical, they can be directed at our personal and digital assets, but all affect our mental wellbeing.

Mu-shin means ‘no mind’ in Japanese. Founder Stuart Kirby, studied Karate in Japan for seven years to grow his martial arts career and those years of studying the Japanese way were instrumental in the creation of this new self-defence system.
“We want to make self-defence an instinctive practical life skill that is not only potentially life-saving but also boosts confidence and self-esteem.” (Stuart Kirby).
Mu-shin self-defence focuses on developing the right mindset, tactics and physical skills to overcome the most common threats.

Not everyone wants to spend four hours a week for four years to gain a black belt. Aside from the investment of time and money, martial arts and combat sports don’t guarantee street defence capability. Technique taught across these extensive syllabi rarely results in recalling them during the moment of fear. The very fact that there are so many techniques reduces the likelihood of applying speed and precision.

The Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS) is at the core of the process of learning skills and tactics that are simple and easy to embed to muscle memory. The key to being instinctive is through a unique process of microlearning, clear video instruction, smart drills, review resources and visualisation tools.

We don’t just want to teach you how to deal with all types of common threats, we want to make reviewing these skills quick and habitual, so they remain a skill for life.

Why our threat defence systems work

Developing instinctive skills and a mindset to use it when under pressure is at the core of each course. 

Simplified self-defence

Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS)

Focused training deeply ingrains skills into our neural pathways. Techniques are simplified, yet effective. Drills ensure these skills become autonomous, so under the pressure of attack, you WILL react instinctively. By understanding the stages of learning—cognitive, associative, and autonomous—we know the power of repetition. 

Muscle memory and self-defence

Physical and visualisation training

Repeated physical training in micro bursts develops effective techniques that stick. Visualisation, or mental rehearsal further improve technique, and primes the mind to reduce the chance of freezing. A quicker (instinctive) reaction to danger is achieved.

Realism in self-defence


Training time must be devoted to what really happens. Realism is crucial; practicing something that is unlikely to happen is to the detriment of practicing something that could save your life.

tactical targets

With the correct technique, even the smallest person can generate powerful, fast strikes. Directing those strikes to key target areas is the only way to overcome a larger violent attacker.

Self defence tactics

Knowing how to stand, what to say, how to read and use your environment are crucial elements of an effective self-defence strategy. Our 3-minute micro reads enhance your awareness and tactical decision-making.

Time to commit to self-defence

It’s about time everyone developed instinctive threat-defence skills

Imagine skipping home insurance just because you’ve never experienced a burglary! It’s a gamble few are willing to take with their most valuable financial asset. Oddly, this level of caution is not usually extended to personal safety.

The reality is that self-defence is much like insurance for your well-being. Experiencing any confrontation brings about a vulnerability that can be damaging to mental health. Attacks are unpredictable, and being unprepared is like leaving your door wide open overnight.

Let’s bridge this gap. Mu-shin has created a spectrum of courses tailored to various levels of commitment, ensuring everyone can learn essential skills and strategies to use when under threat. The Mu-shin goal is to empower you to protect your most precious asset—yourself and, in some cases, vulnerable loved ones.



VAPRX123 (Bushido Bitesize)

When I first used the app, I was extremely impressed with the graphics and the detail on the courses which fully explain how to perform each move. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this app who struggles to find time as this app offers short but effective videos on how to defend yourself!


Rachel (Women’s Self-defence workshop)

This workshop exceeded all my expectations. It wasn’t just about self-defence; it was really empowering. The instructors emphasized the importance of situational awareness and showed us how to use our strengths to our advantage. After the session and practicing with their app, I’ve felt a dramatic shift in how I carry myself and interact with the world around me. Once my daughter is old enough I will definitely put her on this workshop. I recommend every women does it.


Clarissa (Mu-shin Fitness)

“Stuart is an excellent trainer, experienced, kind and funny, sessions are enjoyable and relatable to real world situations. For the first time I am confident when out after dark and no longer walk with my keys between my knuckles lol. My daughter also attends and she feels as confident as I do that she can protect herself, which means I worry less and do not call her as often when she is out. I can’t thank Stuart enough for what he has done for us. “


Jonny (Bushido Bitesize)

“Been looking for something like this for ages. I really enjoyed it. Easy to follow for someone as basic as me and I really feel like I’ve gained new skills. I’ll be getting my children to do the course as well. Even at 5 and 8 years old they will be able to follow this with a little of Daddy’s help to prepare them in this uncertain world we all now live in.”

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