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The UK has witnessed a concerning surge in attacks on individuals, sparking a wave of unease and constant caution. Among the affected are runners, like myself.

Runners regularly traverse the streets and parks and are particularly vulnerable when running solo, so there’s a need for increased vigilance and safety measures.

In response to this surge in attacks, I say we #powerup, starting with being more #selfaware.

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Why Cold (and Ice) Water Immersion is Good 

According to statistics compiled by law enforcement agencies, incidents of assaults and robberies across the UK have seen a worrying uptick in recent years. From muggings to violent confrontations, the spectrum of attacks has widened, instilling a sense of apprehension all over the UK. This escalation in criminal activity threatens our safety and undermines our sense of security in public spaces.

One of the most vulnerable demographics amidst these escalating attacks is the running community. Runners are known for their dedication to fitness and outdoor pursuits and are often exposed to potential risks along favoured routes comprising off-road, green pastures. But, whether jogging through urban neighbourhoods or secluded trails, we must remain fully aware of our surroundings and take proactive steps to mitigate potential dangers.

This useful Infographic from combines a handy list of dos and don’ts for #runners everywhere.

Clad in athletic attire and often carrying valuables such as smartphones and wearable technology, runners inadvertently attract the attention of opportunistic criminals.

I love to run alone and listen to a motivational playlist but the solitary nature of running, particularly during the early morning or late evening can further exacerbate the risk of encountering hostile people.

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Feeling Vulnerable

As I’ve become more aware of the dangers (becoming a mother will do that), I have made it my mission to work on my ability to overcome threats that come my way, whether verbal or physical.

Back in my twenties and even much of my thirties, exercise was about keeping the weight off. Venturing into my #40s has shifted my priorities somewhat. If anything, I’m about gaining, not losing. What I want to gain is power and muscle.

Being physically capable against a violent attacker is enough of an incentive to get me up and practising my self-defence techniques in the morning. Even on days I run or swim, a 10-minute powering-up session gives me purpose, the kind of fitness you can defend on. Who doesn’t want some of that?

Safety in Runners

Runners — adopt a proactive approach to personal safety. Implement basic safety measures. Vary your running routes and schedules to minimise the chance of being targeted. Run in well-lit and populated areas, particularly during dark hours.

Prioritise situational awareness. This is something Mu-shin incorporates in all courses. Remain vigilant and attuned to your surroundings at all times. Scan environments for signs of suspicious activity or individuals. Never second-guess your instincts, if a situation feels unsafe, trust that it is. Carrying a personal safety device, such as a whistle or pepper spray can provide a means of self-defence.

Mu-shin Self-defence teaches skills and tips to help overcome threats. The smart torch tactic video demonstrates how to blind or distract an attacker — buying you the seconds you need to escape. This is just one of the many among the Micro Mastery Smart Series available to subscribers.

Forming running groups or joining established running clubs not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also provides the added security of running in numbers. But, if like me, your running time is your ‘you’ time, do the necessary to power up and join the Mu-shin mission today.

Download our Safety in Runners Infographic.

Grow Strong, Not Old

It is essential to recognise that while the prevalence of attacks on runners is a cause for concern, it should not deter individuals from pursuing their passion for running or outdoor fitness activities. By taking proactive steps to enhance personal safety and advocating for broader community measures, runners can continue to enjoy the benefits of their chosen pursuit while minimising the associated risks.

Back to Building Muscle

Building muscle as you age promotes physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. Incorporate regular strength training and muscle-building exercises into your fitness routine to help you age gracefully, maintain vitality, and enjoy optimal health and longevity.

Why not add self-defence to your armour for under 15 minutes per day for 30 days, for #lessthanacupofcoffee? There are tons of running and fitness apps but only one self-defence app and online course provides physical, tactical and situational skills — for life.

Be self-aware, be #proactive and get the best out of your body. Grow strong — not old. Take the Bushido Bitesize Threat Resolution 30-Day Challenge today.


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