Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution

Empower yourself with physical, tactical and mindset skills to overcome modern threats

We love it when our fictional action hero’s beat the bad guys. They instinctively know what to do in every situation. They’ve read the script after all!

Luckily, we don’t need to learn how to take down a drugs cartel, fight a KGB agent, or rescue a loved one from a gang of international traffickers, but we do face the growing threat of being hacked, identity theft, spiked, bullied, harassed  intimidated, physically & sexually assaulted and more.

This 30 day course builds physical, tactical and mindset skills to overcome modern threats using the latest and most advanced skills acquisition method.


Some of the threats covered in Bushido Bitesize

Threats covered Physical assaulted

Threats covered Intimidation

Threats covered Drink spiked

Threats covered Followed

Threats covered Bullied

Threats covered Harassed

Threats covered Sexually assaulted

Threats covered Hacked

Threats covered Mugged

Threats covered Road raged

Threats covered Pick pocketed

Threats covered Grabbed & restrained

Threats covered Trolled

Threats covered Scammed

Threats covered Missold

How we get you threat ready in 30 days

Try before you buy

Complete the form below and we will email you the first three lessons to try.

If you like it, then gain life-time access via our App or web portal with one low payment, and receive our scam updates and monthly newsletter to stay prepared against threats.

Less than 15-minutes a day for 30-days

Micro learning is now the most effective way to learn a new skill. Combined with our clear video instruction and 3-minute micro reads you will beceome a threat expert.

Once you complete the 30 days we teach you how to make checks and drills habitual.

Instinctive for life

We know how muscle memory works; that’s why our Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS) is easy to learn and embed with our end of module repitition drills and visualisation tools.

You won’t be forgetting these skills a few years from now when you might need them the most!

A scientific approach to

Dealing with

Modern Threats

Innovation in self-defence
Mission Threat self-defence

One low payment

Life-time access

A 30-day course packed with resources to make threat-defence an instinctive life skill

You decide….. Take a look at one of our full 15-minute micro lessons (Lesson 8)

simplified self defence


Effective techniques, easily embedded to muscle memory

Tactical self-defence


Gain the edge through tactical knowledge and communnication

Cutting edge self-defence training

Cutting edge

Combining physical and visualisation training

Convenient self-defence training


Practice from most devices, anywhere, anytime



“Best self defence system ever! This course is simple and so effective. It really does make you feel empowered. I love it and will make sure both my kids complete the 30 days as soon as they are old enough”



“Been looking for something like this for ages. I really enjoyed it. Easy to follow for someone as basic as me and I really feel like I’ve gained new skills. I’ll be getting my children to do the course as well. Even at 5 and 8 years old they will be able to follow this with a little of Daddy’s help to prepare them in this uncertain world we all now live in.”



“When I first used the app, I was extremely impressed with the graphics and the detail on the courses which fully explain how to perform each move. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this app who struggles to find time as this app offers short but effective videos on how to defend yourself!”



“A lot of great lessons in this APP. I love that you can request further help with something you find difficult. I struggled with the footwork and they sent me an easy to follow video. Highly recommend to everyone”

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