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Re-write your self-story and empower against danger, violence and the most common threats

Can a 90-minute masterclass really make a difference? Absolutely.

Self-limiting beliefs shape our reality more than we realise. They can affect everything from our mental health and self-esteem to our relationships and overall well-being. The belief that you’re powerless against a violent attacker is one such debilitating mindset.

You might also think that the only path to effective self-defence skills involves years of rigorous martial arts or combat training. This journey, usually spanning 4-5 years to achieve a black belt, is not only time-consuming but may not even equip you with practical ‘street-ready’ skills.

Enter the Fortress Masterclass: A game-changer in threat-defence training. This intensive 90-minute session is designed to revolutionise your perspective on danger, violence and the most common threats. You’ll learn to shatter limiting beliefs and embrace a powerful new narrative of personal strength and capability.

But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll gain lifetime access to our Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution mission, a resource that allows you to continuously refine the skills you learnt during the masterclass, whilst adding new ones to develop mindset, tactics and physical skills to an even higher level. This ongoing practice is crucial for embedding these techniques into your muscle memory, ensuring your reactions are not just effective, but fast and instinctive.

Join the Fortress Masterclass. Empower Yourself. Change Your Story.

The key to threat-defence mastery is micro segments of review

The Unspoken Truth About Learning Self-defence

Most self-defence courses don’t tell you about the critical role of the cerebellum and the motor cortex in your brain. These areas are key to learning new motor skills, like self-defence techniques. For these skills to become automatic or instinctive, repetition is essential. Simply attending a short course and expecting to recall these techniques months or years later, particularly under the stress of fear, is unrealistic. The brain needs consistent practice.

So, How Much Repetition Is Needed?

The answer varies, largely depending on the complexity of the skill. That’s precisely why we developed the Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS) and during the masterclass you start the process to mastering this system. Afterwards, our App-based resources take over and are designed to reinforce the skills learned and add more. With clear easy video instruction, 3-minute micro reads, review drills and visualisation tools, your warrior mindset, physical and tactical skills will rapidly improve and embed to muscle memory. 

What is the result?

Knowing! You know how best to leave a station late at night to not attract the attention of a sexual predator. You know the right questions to ask to Assess, Validate and Report a potential scam. You know the early signs of a drink spike. You know how to cover your head from attack and drive forward with powerful elbows. You know how to deal with most common threats, but most importantly, your inner voice now resonates with confidence, giving you peace of mind and wellbeing.

Fortress masterclass resources
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Priya (Ilford, London)

“I’ve done self-defence before but this was so much more realistic. The instructor really made sure I could find my power with a few simple adjustments. The app video is really good at making me practice these skills and I feel ready now”


Jake (Wood Green, London)

“90-minutes well spent. The skills we learnt were just simple and very effective. I went home and taught my wife about all the tactical stuff and what to say if someone dodgy approaches her. Very impressed and couldn’t recommend the class enough”


Neive (Wanstead, London)

“So glad my Dad made me do this, feel so much more confident for my trip abroad and the App is really useful in case I forget.”


Swapna (Ilford, Essex)

“Brilliant, I’ve got skills! “

Need to learn self-defence & threat prevention fast and from home?

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Instinctive threat-defence

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