Watch this 2-minute video and discover how Warrior Up in 20 days (15 minutes per day) will prepare you for the most common threats women face. This course is free for a limited time only. 

  • Designed to give you effective and instinctive responses to the most common threats and physical attacks faced today.
  • We are looking for testers (13 years +) to test this new approach to self-protection and empowerment through the simplicity of microlearning and muscle memory to develop instinctive life skills that protect for life.
  • Our goal is simple – to provide an online course that transforms you from vulnerable to capable, defenceless to warrior!

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WarriorUp on Udemy

After 20-days (less than 15-minutes each day) you will:

WarriorUp points develop instinctive and effective skills that remain primed and ready for life.

WarriorUp points create a physical and mental fortress around you – if anyone invades, you have the skills to repel them and if necessary, put them down.

WarriorUp points escape the most common grabs typically experienced by women such as hair, wrist, and throat and most importantly, being grabbed from behind.

WarriorUp points understand and recognise drink spiking and how to instinctively implement strategies to avoid and respond to it.

WarriorUp points know how to use your environment when followed, and how to use ‘legal’ objects to help defend yourself at night.

WarriorUp points develop communication tactics to shut down trouble before it starts.

WarriorUp points understand the 3 principles of power and how to generate enough speed and power to overcome larger, aggressive attackers.

,WarriorUp points understand brain chemicals and how hysterical strength can help and tonic immobilisation (freezing in the moment) can hinder.

WarriorUp points recognise the physiological cues to help you detect a friendly stranger from a criminal.

WarriorUp points understand the power of ‘intuition’ and how to hear it over the tendency towards ‘denial’.

WarriorUp points master 4 sequences that take less than 20 seconds to practice and encompass all the physical skills learnt in 20 days; vital for keeping these skills primed and ready for life.

WarriorUp points use visualisation tools to ‘train your brain’ and further embed skills to muscle memory.

WarriorUp points know which vulnerable targets to strike on an attacker to quickly disable, regardless of their size.

WarriorUp points have a sense of knowing that whenever you detect danger, your physical skills, tactical know-how and mindset, will give you the edge to win and get you home safely.

Take a look at a sample lesson

Set aside less than 15 minutes each day for 20 days.

Each lesson combines physical, tactical and mindset training, but most importantly, the drills and memory techniques to ensure you respond without hesitation, even in the high pressured moment of danger.

Take a look at lesson 8: Prevention & Feign and Storm Tactic. This gives you an overview of what has been covered to day 8 and gives you some valuable insights and skills to fend off sexual predators.

Have a question? (Check out a FAQs or contact us on live chat)

Can my daughter under 13 years participate?

In module 3 (4 modules in total) we drill students to strike the carotid sinus, as it’s the most effective way to cause instant unconsciousness to an attacker. It’s difficult to predict when someone is emotionally mature enough to know they should only use this technique when faced with a violent situation. We believe 13 years seems to be the milestone to reflect maturity. 

Do I need any special equipment or a partner?

No special equipment is required, and the course has been designed to do alone. However, at the end of each module, there are 3-minute blaster drills that you’re encouraged to do while waiting for the kettle to boil or waiting for the adverts to finish. These drills are the key to making these skills instinctive.

There are optional partner drills which include pad or pillow drills to help with striking power.

Feel free to team up with other people and learn together.

How will I know if I'm doing the techniques correctly?

Firstly, each technique is broken down and drilled at ‘PLACE’ speed. This speed encourages you to just ‘place’ the techniques slowly so you can really feel them being correctly executed and check for bad habits. You will then progress to half speed and finally full speed during the review lesson.

At the end of each module, there is a short assessment video which shows you how to record each of the sequences you learn on your mobile. You can then compare your effort to 3 different versions, poor, average and good. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to identify your mistakes when comparing your version to these 3 versions. This is key to self-improvement and mastery!

Can men do this course?

We have designed a course more specific to how boys and men are attacked. Take a look at Bushido Bitesize Threat Resolution.

Are these techniques legal?

In lesson 3, you learn about the law and self-defence. Concepts such as ‘reasonable force,’ and ‘pre-emptive strikes’ will guide you on how to stay on the right side of the law. Essentially, if you feel physically threatened, you have the right to take action, you don’t need to wait for contact to be made.

Do I need previous martial arts or self-defence experience?

Absolutely not! The point of this course is to get you to a very high level of capability in just 20 days. If you can achieve that without having any previous experience, then this will be a great result.

If you do have previous experience then we look forward to your feedback, and we hope this course compliments your previous training.

Do I need to be physically fit for this course?

Fitness levels are irrelevant. However, if you have movement problems, particularly back or neck issues then you might want to consult your doctor first.

Each module has an optional 3-minute stretch video to warm up. One of the principles of power is hip movement, so loosening this area is good for general mobility and health.

The drills are practised at 3 speeds, so if you feel tired then skip the ‘FULL’ speed option.

For those interested in building fitness, the review videos do offer a bit of a cardio workout. We are in the process of creating a Fitness with Self-Defence course for all graduates, called ‘Bushido Body Blast’.

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