The gift of enhanced physical, tactical and mindset skills

A gift like no other – be ‘threat ready’ in 30-days

(not suitable for under 13 years of age)

Revamp your gifting this year with something truly meaningful and empowering.

Swap out the usual gift cards for a present that offers protection, confidence, and lifelong skills.

Introducing our special offer: Give your loved ones lifetime access to the innovative Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution 30-day mission, an app-based threat-defence program.

Imagine gifting the gift of safety, confidence, and peace of mind. Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution could be the most unique and potentially life-saving gift your loved ones unwrap.

Mission Threat self-defence

One low payment

Life-time access

A 30-day course packed with resources to make threat-defence an instinctive life skill

Why this is a gift like no other:

tickQuick Skill Mastery: Develops effective and instinctive self-defence skills in just 30 days through 12-minute daily micro-sessions.

tickEnhanced Awareness: Instils vital skills like situational awareness and tactical communication, essential for pre-empting and avoiding danger.

tickMuscle Memory Focus: Uses segmentation and powerful visualization tools to embed skills deeply into muscle memory for instinctive recall.

tickPersonalized Progress Tracking: Features an assessment system to identify areas for improvement, guiding users to achieve high technical proficiency.

tickEngaging & Rewarding: Keeps motivation high with notifications, interactive module activities, points systems, and tangible rewards for accomplishments.

self defence gift card

tickLifelong Empowerment: Offers a gift that extends beyond physical skills, empowering recipients with confidence and peace of mind in various life situations.

tickAccessible Anytime, Anywhere: The app-based program ensures flexibility and accessibility, allowing training at any convenient time and place.

tickCommunity Connection: Provides access to a supportive community for shared learning experiences and encouragement.

tickContinuous Learning: Regular updates and new courses coming in 2024 to keep the learning experience fresh, challenging, and aligned with the latest self-defence strategies.

tickExpert-Designed Curriculum: Crafted by self-defence expert of 40-years and a qualified teacher, ensuring the techniques are practical, effective, and suitable for all skill levels.

tickFull money back guarantee if not satisfied with course

Mission – Threat Resolution Introductory Offer: 50% OFF until February 14th

What can I expect?

Check out lesson 2 to see how we deliver the most innovative and effective threat-defence programme available today!

In the first 8-minutes you learn a physical skill to defend against the most common attack.

In the final 4-minutes you learn a tactical skill if you are attacked at night.

Hopefully you will be inspired by what you can be achieved in under 15-minutes. Imagine your skills and mindset after completing the 30-day challenge!

A scientific approach to

Instinctive Threat-defence

Self defence innovation

Coming in January 2024

Gamify the challenge and win prizes

Empowering individuals with self-defence as a fundamental life skill has a transformative impact on personal wellbeing and the fabric of society itself.

Time and again, we are confronted with harrowing stories of individuals whose lives have been upended by acts of violence—from the predatory to the impulsive. The legal system, while well-intentioned, can often fall short in offering immediate protection.

By cultivating a vigilant community, adept in the instinctual art of self-protection, we stand a strong chance against those who perpetuate violence and abuse.

To maintain engagement and enhance the learning journey, we will introduce an element of spirited competition complete with prizes, inspiring participants to evolve into adept protectors over our 30-day program. Join us in shaping a society of mindful guardians, ready to uphold safety and peace.

Prizes to be announced at the end of December. 


Gamify self-defence training


“Best self defence system ever! This course is simple and so effective. It really does make you feel empowered. I love it and will make sure both my kids complete the 30 days as soon as they are old enough”



“Been looking for something like this for ages. I really enjoyed it. Easy to follow for someone as basic as me and I really feel like I’ve gained new skills. I’ll be getting my children to do the course as well. Even at 5 and 8 years old they will be able to follow this with a little of Daddy’s help to prepare them in this uncertain world we all now live in.”



“When I first used the app, I was extremely impressed with the graphics and the detail on the courses which fully explain how to perform each move. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this app who struggles to find time as this app offers short but effective videos on how to defend yourself!”



“A lot of great lessons in this APP. I love that you can request further help with something you find difficult. I struggled with the footwork and they sent me an easy to follow video. Highly recommend to everyone”

Try a little taste of threat-defence micro mastery by trialing the first 3 lessons for FREE.

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