Women's Self-defence Workshop

Empowered to succeed

Overcoming a large and aggressive attacker may seem daunting, even impossible. But, during a two-hour workshop, we begin to unlock the warrior within by crafting a narrative of self-empowerment to breathe life into the belief that you can rise above any challenge.

This program provides physical prowess, strategic insight, and the psychological strength to triumph. We give you comprehensive tools to ingrain these skills into your reflexes, ensuring that your response is immediate and overwhelmingly effective when faced with danger.

Step forward—it’s time to awaken the indomitable spirit of your inner warrior!”

Know the truth and build ‘real’ skills

Common Practice

You enrol in a self-defence course that lasts a few hours or weeks. You practice techniques like palm strikes and grip breaks and even learn to evade someone bear-hugging you from behind. In the safe confines of the classroom, these moves work seamlessly against your partner, and your strikes sound impressive against the pads.

3 Reasons Why Common Self-defence Programmes Don’t Work

Memory under Duress: Believing that you’d automatically recall and execute what you’ve learned effectively after a few months or years since this training.

Power Misconception: Assuming that with your limited training duration and subsequent lack of practice, you could overpower a larger, possibly drunk or drugged aggressor.

Real-World Strength: Thinking an actual attacker will apply the same level of strength and aggression as your training partner during the course.

What's wrong with this scene?


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Sexual predators know to pin the arms if they grab from the rear

Practicing something that rarely happens is to the detriment of practicing something most likely to happen. Focus must be on practicing the most realistic attacks!

The 5 pillars: A self-defence workshop that delivers!

Preventative self-defence

Learn to avoid dangerous situations by implementing minor adjustments and staying off a sexual predator’s radar.

Understand the difference between tonic immobilisation and hysterical strength to activate the mindset of resilience and determination under extreme conditions. In other words, never freeze in the moment and use your hysterical strength as a controlled weapon!

Physical self-defence training

Equip yourself with powerful yet easy-to-remember techniques by mastering our Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS).

Incorporate the 3 principles of power and target strike points that are proven to halt an attack. Discover how it’s entirely feasible to neutralise a bigger, more aggressive attacker.

Tactical self-defence

Make smart decisions under pressure. Understand attacker psychology, the law in terms of self-defence and more. Learn to react with grit, determination and utter resilience.

Workshop attendees become part of our community, accessing valuable, up-to-date information, including well-being and tips on staying safe. Click here to watch one of our Micro Mastery Self-defence Tips.

Communication training


Use the power of your voice and body language to assert yourself confidently and deactivate a dangerous situation before it can escalate. Use a ‘back off bluff’ that plants a seed of doubt in a would-be attacker’s mind, destabilising their confidence.

Situational awareness training


Learn to read and react to your environment effectively. Survey your route home, select RTPs (run-to-points), and use surrounding objects to your advantage.

Women's self-defence
Self-defence workshop icon

2-hour workshop

Expert instruction on physical and mindset self-defence training

self-defence post workshop resources

Post workshop resources

4-min blaster videos, 3-min micro reads & visualisation tools

Self defence newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Up-to-date tips on staying safe and micro training skills

Community support


Empowerment through sharing tips and experiences




Attending this self-defence workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The practical techniques and the psychological training have given me a great deal of confidence. I feel more aware of my surroundings and confident in my ability to protect myself. The drills are straightforward and effective, and practicing them at home is actually fun and doesn’t take long.



“Great workshop, I do really feel empowered. I’ve never considered myself to be someone who could stand up to someone physically, but I do now. I’ve done the blast video at home as well and feel even stronger with my new skills”



The skills I learned at this self-defence workshop have been invaluable. Not only do I feel stronger physically, but I also feel mentally prepared to face challenging situations. The instructor was knowledgeable and supportive, and really got our techniques to a good level in such a short space of time. I’ve noticed a significant boost in my confidence since the workshop, and feel safer walking home at night. I find the newsletters really helpful as well.



This workshop exceeded all my expectations. It wasn’t just about self-defence; it was really empowering. The instructors emphasized the importance of situational awareness and showed us how to use our strengths to our advantage. After the session and practicing with their app, I’ve felt a dramatic shift in how I carry myself and interact with the world around me. Once my daughter is old enough I will definitely put her on this workshop. I recommend every women does it.”

Learn instinctive and effective skills for FREE. Download our ‘torch tactic’ drill pack

Drill Pack includes:

(1) 5-min video to learn correct footwork, body alignment and strikes

(2) 6-min visualisation tool to accelerate skill and embed to muscle memory

(3) 4-min pressure test drill sequence 

(4) Monthly newsletter – Tactical self-defence tips

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