Mu-shin Fitness

Fighting fit with skills and a beach body

The most innovative fitness self-defence programme available today

4 Levels (4 sessions per level)

60-minutes face-to-face session

Each session is carefully designed to train your body to move more efficiently, allowing you to generate more power and direct strikes to vulnerable areas for a faster resolution.

The drills are designed to embed skills into muscle memory whilst giving you a cardio workout (burn calories and fat) to improve flexibility and muscle tone. The 10-minute circuit at the end will pressure test these skills in a safe and realistic environment, building confidence and challenging fitness.

App based self-defence training for rapid progression



Access our technique only review videos, or push your fitness and self-defence levels with our technique + cardio and technique + HIIT videos. All designed to review the skills learnt in the face-face session, helping you achieve your fitness and self-defence goals faster!

App self-defence dojo
self defence visualisation

And listen to our Visualisation meditation – To avoid tonic immobilisation (freezing in the moment of fear) you can visualise your techniques and attack scenarios through meditation. This is an extremely powerful tool used by many top athletes, artists and entrepreneurs to enhance technique and overcome mental blocks.

Mu-shin Fitness Testimonials


Clarissa (Walthamstow, UK)

“Stuart is an excellent trainer, experienced, kind and funny, sessions are enjoyable and relatable to real world situations. For the first time I am confident when out after dark and no longer walk with my keys between my knuckles lol. My daughter also attends and she feels as confident as I do that she can protect herself, which means I worry less and do not call her as often when she is out. I can’t thank Stuart enough for what he has done for us.”


Dani (Woodgreen, London)

“I saw Stu teaching someone in the park and thought, wow that makes a lot more sense than my boxercise class. After just 3 lessons I feel fitter and have real self-defence skill. I’m progressing faster now that I’m also using the app, though I might leave the HIIT sessions for a while, not quite ready for the jumping burpees just yet…. lol”


Rob (Hainault, Essex)

“Brilliant training, the sessions are well planned as you are following a proper programme, and the resources on the app are great. If you want to get fit and know how to defend yourself then I thoroughly recommend”


Reece (Hockley, Essex)

“Having tried many fitness programmes I’m still amazed at what you get with mu-shin. The sessions are really well planned and really develop your skills each week. I’ve just started using the App for extra training and love it, felt a big jump in progress and the instructor commented in the next session.”

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