Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution 30-Day Mission

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Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution 30-Day Mission

Elevate your personal safety with Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution—a streamlined, app-based threat-defence course you can complete in under 15 minutes a day. Crafted by experts, our 30-day mission is designed to fit into your life effortlessly, teaching you essential skills that build physical, tactical and mindset skills to overcome modern threats. Whether you’re starting from scratch or sharpening your skills, Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution offers a practical, effective approach to self-protection. Join the mission and empower yourself with confidence and peace of mind, wherever life takes you.


Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution 30-Day Mission

Unlock the warrior within with Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution, a transformative 30-day threat defence mission designed to empower you with physical, tactical and mindset skills to overcome modern threats. This app provides a concise, yet comprehensive program that fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

What Is Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution? Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution is an innovative app that combines realistic and effective self-defence techniques with modern training methodologies. Developed by self-defence expert Stuart Kirby, this challenge is crafted to be accessible to all, regardless of fitness level or prior experience. Each day presents a new lesson, a new skill to master, and a step closer to becoming your most resilient self.


  • Daily Lessons Under 15 Minutes: Designed for busy lifestyles, each lesson is under 15 minutes, making it easy to stay committed and consistent.
  • Progressive Skill Development: Start with fundamental moves and gradually progress to advanced techniques, ensuring a solid foundation of self-defence skills.
  • Physical, Tactical, and Visualisation Training: Our holistic approach goes beyond physical moves; we harness the power of visualization and tactical awareness to prepare you for real-life scenarios.
  • Muscle Memory Mastery: Repetition is key to instinctive reaction. Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution emphasises muscle memory to ensure your body remembers how to act under stress.
  • Real-World Application: Every skill taught is applicable in real-world situations, ensuring you're prepared for the unpredictable.
  • Community Support: Join a growing community of like-minded individuals on the same journey to personal empowerment and safety.


  • Build Confidence: Gain the assurance that comes from knowing you can identify and react effectively to threats.
  • Improve Fitness: Get physically fitter as you learn to move with purpose and power.
  • Enhance Mental Fortitude: Develop the mental toughness required to face challenges both in and out of training.
  • Learn at Your Pace: With 24/7 access to the app, you can learn at a time that suits you best.
  • Continual Learning: Upon completion, maintain your skills with ongoing access to the app's resources.

How It Works:

  • Trial the first 3 lessons: Receive via email or download 'Bushido Bitesize Platform' from App stores.
  • Engage: Dive into daily lessons, each building upon the last.
  • Practice: Follow guided training sessions to embed skills deeply into your reflexes.
  • Evaluate: Track your progress and revisit past lessons with the in-app progress tracker.
  • Evolve: Complete the challenge and emerge with a newfound level of self-reliance.

Whether you're walking home late at night or traveling solo, Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution is your virtual threat-defence coach, helping you to prepare for the unexpected with a calm and measured response. Begin your journey today and transform into a more confident, empowered version of yourself—one micro lesson at a time.

6 reviews for Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution 30-Day Mission

  1. Eljo791429

    “Best self defence system ever! This course is simple and so effective. It really does make you feel empowered. I love it and will make sure both my kids complete the 30 days as soon as they are old enough

  2. Mika

    Love this course. Just finished lesson 5, my first review lesson. Amazed with the results so far. The visualisation was strange to me at first but I can see how it will train my brain to fight back with less fear. Can’t wait to complete the 30 days!

  3. Terri

    I did try karate once but it didn’t feel natural to me. Only been doing 2 weeks and my hips and elbows are moving nicely…. I think. The self-assessment videos are great as immediately understood what I was doing wrong. Already recommended to a few of my friends.

  4. Jonny

    Been looking for something like this for ages. I really enjoyed it. Easy to follow for someone as basic as me and I really feel like I’ve gained new skills. I’ll be getting my children to do the course as well. Even at 5 and 8 years old they will be able to follow this with a little of Daddy’s help to prepare them in this uncertain world we all now live in.

  5. Raakhee

    Lots of useful information in this App, especially knowing what to say that might put an attacker off. The moves are pretty easy to get and finding I’m getting better with practice. Definitely recommend to someone who is too busy or no interested in doing martial arts.

  6. Jess

    omg.. this is so simple, everyone should do this. I have street smarts now and I reckon i’d stand a chance against someone trying to attack me.

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