The Greatest Threat to Personal Safety

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The Greatest Threat to Our Personal Safety

In 2021, the tragic murders of Zara Aleena and Sarah Everard by violent predators shocked and saddened us all. Becoming a father to a daughter around that time, my fear for her future safety intensified. Despite my 40 years of martial arts and self-defence experience, I quickly realised that expecting her to follow me into the dojo so I could teach her everything I know wasn’t realistic.

Firstly, at just five years old, she’s already engaged in swimming, theatre, and dance. Martial arts and combat training aren’t likely to be most people’s preferred activities, with less than 0.5% of the UK population participating in this type of training. Secondly, teaching her everything I know could be counterproductive. In life-threatening situations, the goal is to react instinctively, not get bogged down by an overwhelming number of techniques (a requirement to achieving a black-belt)

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Changing the Self Protection Landscape

This led to a two-year journey to create an accessible, quick-to-learn, comprehensive threat defence system: the WarriorUP 20-day Transformation. This online, micro-learning format fits easily into daily routines with lessons under 15 minutes. It covers the most common threats women face, developing physical, tactical, and mindset skills for an instinctive, realistic, and effective response.

The topics are unpleasant but necessary. I want my daughter to recognise the language predators and conmen use to manipulate and gain trust, and understand what makes someone an attractive target—like being distracted. She’ll learn to read her environment, know the best tactics if followed or threatened, and how to stand confidently while ready to act. She’ll optimise her body’s power to break common grips and grabs, strike with speed and power at targets to incapacitate a violent attacker, handle muggings by prioritising safety over heroics, and even have a strategy to avoid drink spiking. Swimming and cycling lessons are every parents go-to safety precautions, but so should this, because the worst-case scenarios happened in 2021.


Feel ‘Free’ To Empower

And here’s the exciting news: WarriorUP launches on June 1st and will be free for life if you sign up within the first 5 days!


Are We Just Too Busy Or Is There Something Else?

The greatest threat to our safety is inaction, the belief that “this kind of thing only happens to others.” I understand that time is precious, which is exactly why I designed this course to require less than 15 minutes a day. You may hope never to face the dangers covered in WarriorUP, but possessing these life-saving skills will not only bring you peace of mind but also infuse confidence into every aspect of your life.

My mission is clear: I want every girl and woman to take this course. It will lead to a fundamental shift in violence towards women. The men who target women are cowards; imagine their dilemma if they confront women equipped with instinctive physical, tactical, and mindset skills. It could be a game changer; instead of reading news stories about attacks on women, we would read more about women avoiding danger and even fighting back.


Women fighting back
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The Frustrated Course Creator


As I prepare to launch this transformative course, I’ve been actively reaching out to form a test group and spread the word about how one can quickly enhance their self-defence skills with minimal effort. Despite offering the course for free to women’s organisations in the UK and even South Africa—where the violence towards women is alarmingly high—I’ve also contacted journalists who specialise in women’s safety issues, approached friends and family, engaged with local colleges, and tapped into local Facebook groups with over 30,000 followers. The aim was clear: to reach those who stand to benefit significantly from enhanced safety training. Surprisingly, the response has been underwhelming.

The recent tragic murder in East London, involving a boy and a samurai sword, has only added to the urgency and need for such training in our community. Yet, this shocking event has not shifted the general inertia, as people remain hesitant to commit to a free course that demands less than 15 minutes of their time daily.

I am reaching out for insights: Why is there such reluctance to take action? If you have any thoughts or can suggest different approaches to encourage participation, please respond to this post or contact me directly at Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to make our communities safer for our daughters, mums, sisters, wives, everyone!

Here is the video that introduces the course:


Here is the link if anyone is still interested to receive this cours for free.


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