Micro Learning: The Effective Way to Master Self-Defence

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Micro learning is a powerful approach to learning that involves breaking down information into bite-sized, manageable chunks. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to align with how our brains naturally process and retain information.
At Mu-shin Self-defense, we are excited to introduce our new course, Bushido Bitesize, which leverages micro learning to take self-defense training to new heights, making it a life skill that can be executed instinctively when needed.

Why Micro Learning Works:

1. Optimized for Your Brain: Our brains are wired to absorb information in small pieces. By focusing on bite-sized lessons, micro learning enhances our ability to process and store knowledge effectively, leading to better retention and application.
2. Improved Concentration Spans: In a digitalized world with diminishing attention spans, micro learning comes to the rescue. By breaking down self-defense techniques into manageable chunks, Bushido Bitesize keeps learners engaged, making learning self-defense an enjoyable and fruitful journey.
3. App-Based Convenience: With Bushido Bitesize delivered through a user-friendly app, you can learn on the go. Whether during a tea break at work, after a gym session, or even before your morning cold shower (see our article on the benefits of cold showering), you can squeeze in quick micro lessons easily into your day.

Unlocking Muscle Memory for Self-Defence:

Much like how we develop muscle memory for physical skills, micro learning facilitates the gradual embedding of self-defense skills into your subconscious. Regular practice of these manageable techniques allows them to be reconstructed into a full-fledged defense mechanism or even a complete self-defense routine.
Smaller chunks of learning mean you understand the nuances of a technique which helps you achieve a higher level of technical skill, which is essential if you are defending against a larger or multiple attackers.
Good habits develop skill
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Experience the Difference with Mu-shin

Unleash your potential with our revolutionary Bushido Bitesize course – a structured, 30-day self-defence program designed to empower you with essential life-saving skills. What sets this course apart is its innovative approach, combining cutting-edge physical and visual training techniques to embed skills faster into muscle memory.
The Power of Combined Physical and Visual Training:
Incorporating the latest advancements in self-defence education, Bushido Bitesize ensures rapid skill development through the powerful synergy of physical and visual training. By engaging both aspects of your learning process, you will achieve an unparalleled level of instinctive response to potential threats.
Comprehensive Topics for a Tactical Mindset:
Our course goes beyond basic techniques. We delve into critical topics like hysterical strength, tonic immobilization, and understanding the law in relation to self-defence. Empowering you with a winning mindset, Bushido Bitesize equips you with the knowledge and skills to out manoeuvre attackers effectively.
Sustaining Instinctive Skills:
At Mu-shin, we recognize that skills only remain instinctive when periodically refreshed. That’s why the final module of Bushido Bitesize guides you on integrating skill reviews into your regular routine. Whether you’re going for a run, watching TV, hitting the gym, or even relaxing on your sofa, short sequences covering all techniques ensure that your abilities remain razor-sharp.
The Proven Key to Mastery:
We believe in the power of combining physical and visual practice for unparalleled results. Visualisation exercises, while beneficial, are most potent when complemented by hands-on training. That’s precisely why we adopted the term “mushin” from the Japanese samurai, representing the ability to execute techniques without hesitation – a true mark of mastery.
Join the Bushido Bitesize Journey:
Step into a world of self-empowerment and readiness with Bushido Bitesize. Over 30 days, you will gain confidence in your self-defence abilities and learn how to respond effectively under duress. Take charge of your safety with the transformative fusion of physical and visual training techniques.
Enrol in Bushido Bitesize today and embrace the power of “mu-shin” – be prepared to face any challenge that comes your way with unwavering confidence and skill.


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