Empowering teens against harassment: Response to a BBC survey

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The unsettling reality: Our teens are not safe

A recent BBC article unveiled some chilling statistics that have parents, educators, and community leaders concerned: a survey of 2,000 teenagers found that 27% of girls had experienced some form of sexual harassment. The figures also indicate that 44% of girls and 24% of boys feel unsafe walking alone on the street. These findings are more than just numbers—they’re a bleak representation of the risks that our young generation faces every day.

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The Necessity of Immediate Action

The time for change is now. We cannot stand idly by, hoping that societal norms will shift or that legislation will protect our youth. While these factors are essential, there’s a more immediate and direct solution: empowering our teens with self-defence training. That’s where Mu-shin Self-defence comes into play.

How Mu-shin Self-defence is making a difference with Bushido Bitesize

At Mu-shin Self-defence, we’ve developed specialised programmes designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools to protect themselves. One of our most innovative offerings is the Bushido Bitesize 30-day course, a mobile app-based program tailored to the needs of busy, tech-savvy teenagers. Here’s how it works:

Quick, effective learning modules

Teens can learn simple but effective self-defence techniques through micro-learning modules, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This approach makes it easier to practice and retain life-saving skills.

Instinctual responses through repetition

Our program emphasises the importance of muscle memory. By practicing these quick modules regularly, teens can develop instinctual responses to dangerous situations—reducing the chances of “freezing” during a moment of crisis.

Fostering a sense of empowerment

Bushido Bitesize goes beyond just physical training—it incorporates psychological strategies as well. Our visualisation tools help teens break free from the mindset that they are vulnerable targets, empowering them to act decisively and confidently when facing threats.

Real-world applications

Bushido Bitesize teaches situational awareness and tactical communication skills that apply to the day-to-day experiences teens face, like walking home from school. These skills can help teenagers identify potential threats and avoid dangerous situations altogether—a key component often neglected in traditional self-defence courses.
It’s More Than Self-Defence—It’s About Changing Mindsets
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The BBC article mentions Rosie from the women’s safety campaign Our Streets Now, who stressed the importance of educating people that sexual harassment is a crime, not a compliment. Education and awareness are undoubtedly important, but they must be accompanied by actionable steps. Teens empowered with self-defence skills not only protect themselves but also serve as advocates and role models for their peers, promoting a culture that does not tolerate harassment or violence.
Conclusion: Safety is a Skill, and It Can Be Taught
The BBC article serves as an important but distressing reminder of the vulnerabilities our teenagers face. While it’s crucial to continue lobbying for systemic changes that can address the root causes of sexual harassment and violence, practical steps can and should be taken in the meantime. At Mu-shin Self-defence, we believe that safety is a skill that can be taught, learned, and perfected. And it’s a skill that could make all the difference in the world to a teenager walking home alone.
Click HERE to find out more about our programmes, particularly Bushido Bitesize, where you can download our app and try it for FREE today. Let’s empower our teens to walk the streets without fear.
You can also experience how this revolutionary way of developing a highly effective self-defence skill with our FREE 3-minute, 3-day challenge, that will introduce you to the power of micro self-defence mastery.


  1. Leslie

    Every school should teach self defence especially to girls. I’m going to ask why not at our next PTA meeting!

    • Stuart Kirby

      I completely agree. Had lots of positive feedback from workshops at universities so hope to get into schools soon and test how viable it is.


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