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Feel free to get in touch using the form. Links to all the course we currently have are below.

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Micro Mastery Series

Available by following us on our social media channels

Learn something that could get you out of trouble in under 3-minutes with our succient training video series.

Bushido Bitesize

App based micro training

Develop physical and tactical skill to defend you and your family with less than 12-minutes each day of training commitment for 30 days.

Fortress Masterclass

Blended training: Workshop + App 

In 90-minutes you will know how to protect your fortress (YOU). Learning our Simplified and Instinctive Response System and developing everything further with access to resource via our App.

Women’s Self-defence Workshop

Blended training: Workshop + App 

Unleash your inner warrior and build a new self-belief system around the skill of self-defence, so that any challenges you face in life are surmountable. 

Mu-shin Fitness

Blended training: Face-to-face session + App

60 minutes each week class that develops a range of self-defence skills whilst getting super-fit. Accelerate your progress even faster with our online cardio and HIIT videos.

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