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Welcome to an exciting opportunity where empowerment meets reward! Join us in promoting the Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution, a transformative journey that equips individuals to deal instinctively and effectively with the most common threats.

As an affiliate, you’re not just sharing a course; you’re offering a life-changing experience. Your followers will experience a shift in self-belief in just 30-days, as their physical, tactical and mindset skills are developed to overcome most modern threats, helping them gain confidence and peace of mind, all while you earn for spreading this empowering message. Be part of this meaningful cause and turn your influence into a force for empowerment and a source of income.

Join us now and make a difference in lives, one follower at a time!

Why Bushido Bitesize is different

Have you ever felt vulnerable in your neigbourhood or when traveling? Been attacked, bullied, scammed, followed , trolled, threatened or experienced domestic violence?


Maybe your priority isn’t to spend years training in martial arts just on the off chance something does happen? Or you realise you remember nothing from a self defence course you attended years ago?


Watch our explainer video and see how we can get you ‘threat-ready’ in 30-days with less than 12-minutes of training each day.

Empowerment self-defence

Empowerment Revolution

Self-improvement and development is always a strong trend


Violence – always topical

Sadly, never a shortage of news reports to draw attention to the cause.


Good commission & upsell

Bushido Body Blast and more courses coming

Micro learning

Micro learning

A proven learning model being applied to learn many skills

Founder of Mu-shin Self-defence

A note from the founder, Stuart Kirby

If you love martial arts/combat sports and are prepared to dedicate 4-6 hours a week, then you have a real chance of defending yourself against violence. But, what about for everyone else? Everyone should be able to live safely and without fear!

I’ve trained in martial arts for over 40-years and it’s been a life affirming experience. However, it didn’t stop me from being scammed out of £1,000 in my haste to jump on the crypto bandwagon! It turns out humiliation and defeat comes in many guises!

That’s why I created Bushido Bitesize – Threat Resolution to help people across the globe stay switched on and prepared for all threats. Our 30-day mission will develop your physical, tactical and mindset skills to shift your self-belief from vulnerable, to capable, from defenceless to warrior, enhancing confidence in all areas of your life.


With under 15-minutes each day, you will experience the most advanced micro training method; with clear and concise video instruction, solo, partner and bag drills, 3-minute micro reads and visualisation tools. You will see why this is one of the most transformative 30-day missions in the world.

Drawing from my diverse experience in karate, judo, ju-jitsu, aikido, kickboxing, Brazilian ju-jitsu and valuable insights from seven years in Japan, I’ve tailored techniques especially for those who might not have a physical advantage – like myself, standing at just 5ft 7. In Japan I learnt how to optimise my body weight into techniques in order to generate enough power and speed to overcome a much larger and aggressive attacker.

A key problem with learning a martial art is you’re expected to learn a large syllabus of techniques which overloads your cerebral cortex, limiting your ability to react instinctively. Traditional self-defence courses offer no help if you get attacked months or years after you have completed the course, because muscle memory does not retain skills it only practiced a few times, and often these skills do not address the real issue of overcoming a much larger and violent attacker under the conditions of extreme fear.

Bushido Bitesize is designed to teach a Simplified and Instinctive Response System (SIRS) through a micro learning format, but you continue to review these skills using 3-minute blaster videos once the 30-day mission is complete. There is even a self-defence fitness programme called Bushido Body Blast to continue to refine and embed the skills whilst working towards a beach body!

In the UK alone, it’s estimate that there were 1.1 million sexual assaults in 2022. With a population of just below 70 million, that’s a shocking statistic; no doubt you have similar tragedies in your country. Bushido Bitesize offers a pro-active course, empowering people to significantly reduce those unacceptable statistics!

We hope you can join us in helping people throughout the world unleash their inner warrior and live life safely and without fear.


A growing library of media resources

We are developing a range of resources for all formats and platforms. Some of these resources can be adjusted to suit requirements. Contact us to discuss further.

Micro Mastery Self-defence Series

Short videos that give immediate self-defence education. From tactical advice like ‘5 ways to avoid being targeted by a sexual predator’ and physical skills development like ‘Night attack – torch tactic’ 

Smarter Decisions

Infographics and carousels that help people make better decision to protect themselves, their loved one, valuables and even identity.

Self-defence resources

Read some of our blog articles designed to improve lives in terms of personal safety and wellbeing and highlight dangers that exist, but instead of living in fear, take action through personal empowerment. 

A scientific approach to



Innovation in self-defence
Offer one: Promote Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution
Bushido Bitesize product details

One low payment

Life-time access

A 30-day course packed with resources to make being threat proof an instinctive life skill

Offer two: Promote the gift of Bushido Bitesize - Threat Resolution


Self-defence, not socks for Christmas promotion


We’ve all been there, out of ideas and time running out. We end up buying socks or a gift card, which spells very little thought and imagination has gone into your gift. 

What if you could give an affordable gift that is life changing, even life saving. In 30 days the person you bestowed this gift upon will unleash skills and confidence they never thought possible. 

Not only is this a boost to confidence, but an insurance policy against danger and violence. It may end up being the best gift they have ever received. 

This amazing gift is offered as both a digitally delivered gift (via email) or a more traditional gift card in the post, either way they’ll receive no gift like it. Bulk discounts are available for people to buy and impress many friends and family. 



Gift of self-defence




“Best self defence system ever! This course is simple and so effective. It really does make you feel empowered. I love it and will make sure both my kids complete the 30 days as soon as they are old enough”



“Been looking for something like this for ages. I really enjoyed it. Easy to follow for someone as basic as me and I really feel like I’ve gained new skills. I’ll be getting my children to do the course as well. Even at 5 and 8 years old they will be able to follow this with a little of Daddy’s help to prepare them in this uncertain world we all now live in.”



“When I first used the app, I was extremely impressed with the graphics and the detail on the courses which fully explain how to perform each move. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this app who struggles to find time as this app offers short but effective videos on how to defend yourself!”



“A lot of great lessons in this APP. I love that you can request further help with something you find difficult. I struggled with the footwork and they sent me an easy to follow video. Highly recommend to everyone”

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